linky dinky do

crafty stuff:
leetol boxes, ruler box (good idea for a project), matchbook box (another good idea), paper source, i could totally make this,

stuff stuff:
great rack ha ha!, bowls, and the lameness continues, more chickeny stuff, button bowl, patchy blanket, loopy glasses, rings, apothecary jars (i think that these are so great. i got some at the hardware store when i got here for about two bucks. i don't get why these ones are so expensive. oh yeah, because this is the sundance catalog.), i love linens, three-footed stool, linen press, toast bag, toast radio, toast greek linen, except i'd want to get in in greece, not from a british mail order catalogue, more toast linens, toast tee, toast skirt, toast culottes, toast fatigues, mad gab's