gordito, do you remember that
time when we were freshmen, and

i probably browbeat you into
going swimming with me--

it was just a few days before that triathlon and i hadn't
practiced much
so we were going to

walk toward each other and meet and then
go down to the 33 and 1/3 yard long pool
down on bancroft?

do you remember how--
i guess i must have left late because you practically made it to
dwight way (dwong way?)--
you walked right by me?

i was confused.
i chased you down.
you said sorry, it was
because you'd removed your
glasses to go swimming that
you didn't see me.

i do.

then, we went swimming.
did you notice how
you can see the campanile when
you pop your head out for
a breath? and
how it's lined up
exactly with the half-
way point?

i did.