oggi mi manca troppo la california

before i write out another lovely list, i was just thinking how weird it must be for the incomparable TJY (about whom i am in the process of thinking up a lovely poem, so stop bugging me), who just got married, to have her new last initial be A. she just moved from the very end of the alphabet to the very beginning. how does it feel, exactly? i wonder now, is she even changing her name? oh, to have her phone number.

some of my friends and co-cooks from my old berk restaurant (ha, my restaurant. i'm sure old ALW and GEP would love to hear me say that. they'd also love that i am calling them old.) are branching out and opening their own places soon, and on the same block as each other. i don't know if things are final and i'm allowed to give explicit directions, but i am thinking that there's gonna be a cool, new neighborhood around. i can just imagine the lame-o puns and references in san francisco magazine and the chronicle about the "new gourmet ghetto" and "grandchildren of panisse." ugh. give me a break. food journalists really need to take a poetry class or something. the best three things about that 'hood so far are: the yarn shop, the tofu house, and fenton's.

mi mancano anche queste cose:

crixa boston cream pies

wandering the aisles (especially the trial size aisle) of elephant pharmacy and target


the ggp

soko hardware


board games on coventry

morning buns at la farine

the albany bowl cha cha slide #2 dance contest (bowling is pronounced booooling in italy)

a castle in the air

field trips to farmer's markets (including ones where i have to dress up in 50s clothing and chase customers around with samples of sticky date pudding)

doing stuff with my friends

doing nothing with my friends

falling out of chairs when CJS just happens to have a camera at hand

la nebbia

excellent movie theaters like the paramount

blah blah blah