the essence of my trip

why, when i am usually a raging internet-weather-checker, did i neglect to check the weather in roma? i was slightly cold the entire day.

my entire train car was FULL of americans. they are coming out of the woodwork. please go back. i even got the same loud family (singing "the wheels on the bus" too many durned times in a row) on the way there AND back.

i love roma.

charmed the peeps at the embassy.

got my visa.

ate a great salad at my favorite and oh-so-cute little place near piazza di spagna.

went to fabriano, but didn't get anything. none of it was exactly what i wanted. i don't know exactly what i want. but i do know exactly what i don't want.

walked past the so-sad memorial outside the spanish embassy.

walked to trevi fountain and threw in my coin for good measure.

had a gelato (straciatella, because they were out of caffe') at san crispino.

walked to the pantheon and took some photos.

had a latte macchiato at tazza d'oro and talked to this little old lady and the barista about the virtues of propolis.

walked to sciam, made friends, and got a discount on some lovely glass beads.

walked to l'antico forno and made friends with the baker and got him to pose for some pics for me.

walked to dar filletaro and had a filetto and got the mama and the waiter to pose for me with their baccala'.

waited for an uncrowded bus to termini.

rushed to buy a ticket for the next train and had to fend off this stupid american girl who was trying to convince me that her need to check the train schedule totally beat out my need to make the next train. and i was first in line, anyway. i just swore at her in italian, and i think she was buying that i was italian, until she saw my atm card. jeez. cutters suck.

am back and pooped.

but happy.