even the airplane food was good

the food here is so delicious!!! i can't believe it. i am going to die.

i came with t to school today, and giulia, her italian student, was so excited that i was coming that she brought me a red rose and made me a "welcome" card. how cute is that?

i've already worn a shalwar kameez--T tried to give me a few new sets of clothes, but they were too small for me, so i am going to have to go to the tailor soon. but i feel kinda weird wearing western clothes out of the house, so i am excited to get some traditional things. plus, the fabrics are all so beautiful.

yesterday, after a long, hot walk with the dogs, we came home and the cook made us delicious bread and fried eggs. my hours were all messed up (by the way, i hadn't realized that the time changed in italy on sunday morning, and i almost missed the train to rome. i made it with a minute to spare. i was the last one on. it was a rocky start to a long trip.), so i slept and we went to the opening ceremony of the south asian games, and were sitting not 50 feet from musharraf. nuts! it was a great, long, ceremony, and when we got home, the cook (!) made us some daal and chicken tikka and rotibread and this little tomato and onion salad with these tiny lemons that were so delicious, with thin, sweet skin that you could just gobble up.

i'll be at school this whole day, and i might go hang out in the classroom's reading loft, which is a big bunk bed in the corner, and read The DaVinci Code, which has completely sucked me in.