how could i forget?

i was just taking a shower (because i was too lazy to take one this morning and will be too lazy to take one tomorrow morning) when i realized that today is chahar shanbeh souri, the eve of the last wednesday of the persian year, when it is traditional to jump over fires, chanting
zardi-eh man as toh,
sorkhi-eh toh as man

(which roughly translates to:
all of my paleness, to you, fire,
and all of your brightness to me)!

i cannot believe that i forgot!

luckily, being the resourceful genius (and humble, too!) that i am, i knocked on T's door and asked to borrow a lighter, then came back to my little house, lit the only (stinky) candle that i own, and jumped over it a bunch of times, chanting my little heart out.

this is the first year that i haven't been around any other iranians for persian new year. when i lived in london, at least, i had the king's college persians to cling on to for this, my favorite, tradition.

and don't worry, mmc, i jumped over one for you, too, just like always.