it's all so clear to me now

sometimes, it takes me a looooong time to realize very simple truths. yesterday, i realized that i feel that roasted and braised meats should always be sliced thinly before being served. i used to think that i wasn't a big fan of roasts or braises (especially braises) because i was so used to seeing them served in big chunks at the cafe. but it's not true. that's not how i feel. i just think that portions should be smaller, and that the meat should be sliced.

i had another breakthrough just now, too. i was really quite lucky to develop my sensibilities about food at cp, at first led by the people there, but eventually just becoming part of that community. though we were always, always talking about food and new restaurants and recipes and things to eat, none of it was the sensationalist crap that gets so on my nerves. reading things like chowhound and personal food blogs (not to mention the tv food network) just get me all worked up. every single time. i miss my peeps. i miss the way people would say things like "last night i had a tomato and aioli sandwich, and it was SO GOOD," or get excited about cauliflower roasted in the oven, or fresh ricotta cheese, or making our own mozzarella. little, simple things like that. there were no gimmicks. there was no glitter. none of us were interested in that, at work, or the rest of the time, so it never came up.

now, being away from there makes me so sad. i have been rudely booted into the world of gimmicks and food trends, and i want, almost more than anything, to go back to that little bubble-cocoon world. perhaps, at my next job, at eccolo (the site isn't up yet, i am just excited about it. you can also read about it here), i will find a little piece of that. please, let it be true.