it's obtuse!

i am wondering if, to become the writer i want to become, i have to find an angle.

and if that angle has to have to do with the fact that i am iranian, brought up in america.

i hope not.

i don't want to use my culture and my experiences as a crutch.

i don't want to become stuck in that. but i do want to write about it. i want to write about what it means to be me, a child of the revolution, raised in california, brought home from the hospital in a new blue volvo station wagon, barely speaking english until i went to preschool, and now struggling to keep a grasp on my farsi.

i want to write about the pressures i feel, and have felt. the way i look at and think about my family, and my faaaammmmiiillllly (meaning, my extended family). how i feel about iran, iranians, and iranian-americans.

labels, i'm not big on (perhaps because i can't decide what i want to do). but i do want to find a way to talk about these things.

it's just that i am so lazy.