the polls

the air here is drier than anywhere else where i have ever lived (ok, that's not true. tehran wins, hands down.), and i finally have good reason to actually use the many tubes and tins of lip balms which i collect without shame. here are my rankings:

1. good ol' burt's. it's minty-tingly-wonderful. it's oily, but not too oily. it stays on my lips. and it actually moisturizes.

2. neal's yard herbal lip balm. a little waxier, but it still has staying power.

3. labello cherry. has a little tint, and that lovely artificial cherry flavor. but it's pretty waxy and is usually gone within minutes.

4. nature's gate organics carrot smoothie. now, this is definitely the best flavor, and the tin is the most clever. but i feel like it dries out my lips even more. and it's high on the wax, low on the oil, and barely stays on long enough to saw MWAH!