some good stuff that's happened in the past few days:

--i heard about this bar in firenze ovest where they sell every imaginable candy and chocolate in the universe (i'm gonna go out there to get some stuff for your kids, tj)

--i met a really nice girl from wwu, and we reminisced about bellingham. i forgot to tell her about that baskin-robbins incident, coach, but i did tell her all about the art museum and seeing her campus

--it hit 60 degrees F finally--i am wearing halfpants and a tshirt as i type!

--ak sent me an awesome package with 2 new chapsticks, a ton of bubble gum, and some peeps, all in the cutest box eva! thank you so much! the peeps led to the inevitable demonstration of peeps-in-the-microwave for all of the uninitiated.

--i made major progress on the book, and my goal of finishing a (very) rough draft before i leave in april is seeming more and more do-able every day.

--i ate my first strawberries! yum!