and so my plans change again. i'm not 100 percent on them yet, so i am not going to type them all out, but it looks like things are going to be very different, very soon.

it's kinda exciting.

and eid mobarak. happy persian new year.
vernal equinox is at 6.49 am my time tomorrow.

what have i done to prepare? a deep clean of my little house. blew out an egg and wrote "happy new year samin" on it in farsi. and bought a pair of shoes and skirt. not so festive, but my heart is in it!

tomorrow, i get to eat yummy cibo napolitano like sartuncini di riso and timballo (have you ever seen Big Night, possibly the best food movie in the history of cinema? if so, then you might be able to visualize a timballo. they call it timpano in the movie, the sicilian term for the same thing). at least i hope i get to eat these foods. i was promised them last week, too, but all i ended up getting was a bowl of (albeit delicious) ragu'.