today, S and i have done a large amount of nothing, and spent an insane amount of money. we were so hungry when we got to the rosticceria that we ordered way more food than we had money to pay for, and promised to bring the balance tomorrow. it was ridiculous.

i bought this lovely book that i have been eyeing for about 6 months, and a hat like this one that i spotted in march, but couldn't afford. the one i got today is orange (surprise!) and i bargained the guy down to 10 euros. i also had my little treat of melon, lemon and strawberry gelato (these days i favor carozza, down by the ponte vecchio. it's the same gelateria that's on the cover of emily wise miller's book.) and finally got some mezzalune, one for myself and one for the restaurant. i spent a few days going to every single casalinga in florence (can you tell i am dying of boredom?), deciding on which one to get. i ended up getting one with walnut, not olive wood, handles and a forged blade. yesterday i did find a lovely handmade olive wood pepper grinder, though. i am totally trying to catch up on all of the shopping i've restrained myself from over the past 9 months.

i feel like i am getting dumber, so i think i am going to try to get some new reading material tomorrow. doing nothing definitely has its advantages, but it gets old quick.