sono proprio enamorata d'italia

oh, i love italy.

the train ride from the airport was the perfect welcome back to the old country--fennel flowers were in bloom all along the tracks, and the sun was shining in all of its lazian glory. when i got to termini, i ate a sandwich with tomatoes and mozzarella, and BASIL! and then i got the ticket for the first train back to firenze, and in true italian fashion it was an hour late and ended up being the slowest eurostar train i've ever been on. oh, but it doesn't matter.

i went to mercato centrale today, and bought pecorino and peas, canteloupes and peaches and orata and marvelled at the glory of spring produce. oh, vegetables. oh, fruit. oh, italy. how i love you so.

at work, i had a bowl of pasta al ragu'. and i stuffed the fish with parsley and lemon and fried it and we had a nice salad for dinner. i love this. how will i leave it?

yesterday, i had some kiwi granita and some pugi schiacciata. dusk doesn't come till 9pm. life is good.