sandal shaped pupusas

today, in highland hills, i had a lovely lunch with AK and our friend L, of these mexican sandal shaped pupusas, whose name i can't seem to recall. huarachas? hurachas? what could it be?

anyway, i'm counting down the days until i start working on thursday night. i'm still a little shocked that the first shift they'd give me would be a dinner, but i guess it just means that someone believes in me.

a recent dinner menu included:

antipasti and first courses
house-made soppressata with french beans and beets 9.
antipasto of fresh anchovies on toast, summer squash with mint, mushrooms sott’olio, and pickled vegetables 10.
salt cod fritters with frisée, endive, chive oil 10.
cranberry bean and romaine soup with parmesan and olive oil 8.

pasta al pesto: trofie with basil, parmesan, and pinenuts 15.

main courses
pan-fried sanddabs with artichoke chips, lemon, and parsley 22.
spit-roasted liberty duck with juniper and bay 24.

lacinato kale alla parmigiana 6.
polenta verde with sicilian olive oil 7.

plum and mulberry gelati with lemon verbena granità 7.
lemon anise biscotti 4.

little treats
a plate of black pig serrano ham with olives 11.
red cow parmesan with 25-year-old balsamic vinegar 15.

my mini-trip north was nice--first, to the beach with ET and NAL, then to santa monica and environs with TJ and M, and today with AK to pasadena and beyond (thanks for making me practically miss the train, by the way). the best thing was just seeing my friends. i don't ever much care about what it is we do, as long as we're together.

and, i bought a great baking book, baking illustrated, which i am really excited about. i am tired, and bleh, and that's why this is so boring.