i am back, and surprised at how undramatic it was. i think i am just used to moving around by now.

some nice things:

i managed to get my apothecary jars home without breaking them, as well as the amazing 19th century copper pot that D gave me. lovely.

slowla (because she has the same has as lola in Run Lola Run, but is quite slow and doensn't really every run for anything, ever), otherwise known as R, my old roommate from berk, showed up on monday and i got to spend my last days with her, which was nice.

T and S and i pretty much spent the last week laughing at each other and poking fun: "shake your soul and change your ticket," "right here, right now", the apes, S's sounds, the matrix, samin the misanthrope, my dirty feet. oh S, how i will miss arguing with you. i hope you're well.

over my last week, we had a couple of really nice dinners. once i made delicious fried squash blossoms stuffed with mozzarella and sheepsmilk ricotta and anchovies. and another time i made a perfect (if i do say so myself) penne alla norma. at my last lunch at zibibbo, i ate a HUGE pile of arancini. what a nice way to go out.

on sunday, i went to chianti to say goodbye to D. i wanted to get there by noon so i could take the 2pm bus out, because the next one wouldn't be till 6. so i got to the bus station, bought my ticket, saw that i had a few minutes left to spare, and went around the corner to get a coffee. when i got back 90 seconds later, the bus had already come and gone. so i ended up getting there at 1, and then sticking around to help D at a fundraiser in pistoia. it was kind of a perfect way to say goodbye.