after a few agonizing weeks of deliberations, i am happy to announce that i have decided to go with riverdog farm in yolo county for my weekly vegetable box.

my finalists were:

full belly farm in the capay valley

riverdog farm in yolo county

and terra firma farm in yolo county

all three are great farms, and they have practically the same stuff. it wasn't at all a question of quality that made me go with riverdog. i think that terra firma has a pretty huge selection, and they have different sizes of boxes to choose from, which is kinda nice. but right now, i have a pretty close relationship with the farmers at riverdog, and they'll deliver to my work for me, which is really convenient. it's not exactly a binding contract, so if i'm not happy, i can always change. but i am going to love never having to buy crappy produce from andronico's for a premium price. i can't wait!