i woke up sometime in the early morning and couldn't fall asleep again because of the constant rainfall. that, and i was worrying about how in the world i'd be able to get everything together for my lasagne today.

i reprimanded myself for thinking about work when i ought to be sleeping (and on a day that i was supposed to have off, but, spineless jellyfish that i am, i agreed to cover for another cook who missed her flight back from middle of nowhere texas), and managed to fall somewhat asleep to the pitter patter of the rain.

when my alarm went off, it was still pouring, and i got fully soaked on my way to the bus stop even though i had my subway route designations umbrella to protect me. i love the rain, and i don't even mind getting kind of wet. i just don't want to get soaked every morning from now until april on my way to work. so i decided to go get a raincoat after work. and i did.

meanwhile, at work, i freaked out about how to get all of the stuff for my lasagne together. i'd made and rolled out the pasta the night before, so all i'd have to do in the morning was cook it. but i still had eggplant to roast, currants to soak, and pesto, besciamella, and tomato sauce to make. not to mention two other dishes to take care of by 11.30 am. it was a mad rush, but somehow, i made it. the lasagne was nice, but i wasn't 100% satisfied with it. these composed dishes are so scary, because you spend all of this time making all of the separate elements, and then you put them together and stick them in the oven for an hour. you have no clue what it's going to taste like--will it be too dry, or bland, or just gross?--until you pull it out and taste it. and if there's anything wrong with it, too bad. you've just got to live with it. ack!

the only thing you can do is try again tomorrow. and i am. tomorrow, we're having good old regular lasagne, just like at the rosticceria. yum.