this weekend, after meeting the perfect xiomara carmen and coming home empty handed, i decided that it's finally time to make a move and get a digicam. no more of this wishy-washiness.

my current favorite piece of art is La Battaglia di San Romano by Paolo Uccello. he was totally the first guy to play with perspective, and check out how cartoony those front horses are!

i got some lovely paper garlands from tail of the yak today, where i also met the woman who does much of the beautiful calligraphy for cp that i've long admired.

i made some very intense brownies last night. they are delicious, if not complicated. i'll post the recipe soon.

this week, i've made it my goal to make some caramel corn. i'll post that incredible recipe, too. it's really time consuming, though.

i'm cold cold cold. good thing i have my trusty hot water bottle. we've got to figure out how to turn on our heater soon.