to myself, on the eve of my twenty-fifth birthday

may this year raise the bar for you--
perhaps you'll grow to
be a little more patient,

a little more calm.

give of yourself,
even when you
think you have nothing
to give.

don't fret about not
knowing what to do,
what to be.

just be.

remember your family
and your friends.

stand up for others
who need your help, but
also stand up for yourself
when you might have given
in before.

stop being so
petty and jealous.
just share.

read more poetry,
listen to more diverse music.
read more books.

stop trying to impress
other people all of the time.

just be the best you can be.
for yourself.

maybe go to the gym more.
maybe not.

i bet you could get
into yale, or columbia,
or wherever you like,
as long as you really,
really want it.

stop comparing yourself
to everyone
around you.

you've done a pretty
good job so far,
and i think you'll only
get better.

happy birthday.
tavolodet mobarak.