to market, to market

i'm over at la sassy's house on this gray and foggy saturday afternoon.

i walked though the berkeley farmer's market on my way to the eye doctor this morning. i spied some lovely kiwi and citrus fruits (oh, blood oranges, how i miss you!). we had some delicious little mandarins from riverdog at work this week, but i didn't see any of them at the market.

my eye exam revealed a slight deterioration of my eyesight, but everything was better than i'd been expecting, and soon i'll get my new lenses, so i can see again.

then i went to the city to meet A and J at the ferry building. jeez, i haven't been there in a loooooong time. we saw kermit at the wine shop, where he was signing his new book, and we saw peggy over at artisan cheese (woah, their site has improved dramatically since the last time i went there!). we were starving, so we tried to eat at the slanted door, but they were booked, so we went to mijita instead. it was decent, and affordable. definitely cute.

then. after a little puppy ogling (a golden doodle), we went through the farmer's market. pretty much everyone has a stall these days--i was really out of it. frog hollow even has a shop--i stopped in to say hi to al, and becky was there, too--a nice surprise. rick knoll has a stall (cardoons!), and then we stopped by june taylor's to say hi, and she said that her place just down the road from us will be opening soon, a kitchen with a little shop front. that'll be really cute.

then we swung by ciao bella (though it was difficult for me to decide between them and miette) for something sweet. i had some blood orange and vanilla gelato, and i'm happy to say that their stuff doesn't hold a candle to our new pastry person, who is a gelato master. her burnt caramel gelato is the best ice cream i've ever tasted. amazing.

now, i'm just trying my best not to do anything.

i'm tired. i'm burnt out. i need a break. and some direction. maybe even some medical attention.

my hands are ruined--covered with burns, blisters, scabs and scars. my back hurts. i'm 25 and my back hurts. my feet are always sore. i feel like i'm on the verge of something scary, and i don't really quite know what to do about it. meh.