what's been on my mind recently:

man, i wish there were something like this around here. i really, really wish i could take that denyse schmidt class. my knit quilt is coming along swimmingly. i'm thinking i'll need fifty six squares, and i already have 6! i just need to get some more yarn. i've been eyeing the sale outlet at jimmy beans wool. rowan yarns are my ultra-favorite right now.

i've always wanted to take a letterpress class at the san francisco center for the book. i think that this might be the season for me to do it. after i get acquainted with the entire process and machinery, i might be able to convince RS (a friend of a friend) to let me have an informal apprenticeship.

i've been scoping out knitting links left and right. check my links page for an updated list.

i've seen at least three ipod shuffles out on the street and on bart in the past 24 hours. and that new mac mini is calling out my name (though the 12" powerbook is calling much more loudly).