so, i still haven't solved the whole digital camera thing, so i can't show a picture of it, but my friend who went to new york last week brought back a piece of the gates for me!!!! her friend was working on the project with jeanne claude and cristo, and she managed to snag a bit of the extra fabric from the warehouse for me!!! how cool is that?

i went to richard siebert's studio today to check out some printing stuff for a future project--he was great, and he gave me and DR each a most excellent david lance goines chez panisse 21st birthday poster. he was the model, way back when, so i guess he has a big pile of them. but way more exciting than that was how cool the studio itself was. maybe i should figure out a way to go work there once a week or something. i've always wanted to learn about letterpress. the woman he shares the studio with teaches some courses at the san francisco center for the book, another very cool place i've been considering going to for a long time.