still, no computer at home. i finally have an excuse for being such a terrible email correspondent. i'm at the beautiful berkeley public library today.

so lasassy and i went to see jsf last night. i cannot describe how amazing he is, and how important it is for me to have people like him in the world to look to and learn from. i didn't know if he'd be a good speaker, but he is completely well-spoken, and tells stories (and lots of lovely, apt analogies) in the most animated, relatable ways. he is absolutely a gift.

i've been thinking about things a lot lately (uh, as opposed to what?), and for a while i've wondered if maybe i should return to grad school and get my phd in english and become a professor. i'm lucky to have (or stupid to believe that i have) a great professor who'd help me get back into cal, and i've been considering applying in the fall for 2006. i think i could be a wonderful professor, doing for people what this brilliant teacher has done for me. but i have to say that i'm not quite sure that it's really what i want. i used to say to myself that there was no was i had the attention span to focus on a degree for seven years, but now that i've been flailing in the universe of manual labor and tricky people for four years, i tend to idealize the concept of having one static goal to work toward for such a long time. i don't know anything.