i don't think i've ever been as tired as i've been the past few days. i've gotten worked each of the last three nights (on saturday night another cook and i were so far behind that when the electricity went out right before we were to open, we started jumping up and down and cheering with delight. the customers at the bar had a nice chuckle at our expense when the power came back on two minutes later) and i'm convinced my hair will never not smell like smoke again. yuk.

i did somehow manage to make it to thai temple yesterday, though. i know it's heresy, but after a side-by-side taste test, i think i like the white sticky rice better than the purple. plus, now they are charging more for the purple anyway.

i checked out MB's new book yesterday, too, and i kind of love it. it is super italian, and i like the way it's set up. the photos are nice, too. we're having a breakfast for him next week at the restaurant and i'm hoping to make some bomboloni for it.

oh yes, the times' spring living issue is pretty good--there's even an article about supper clubs (though, once they make it to the times they aren't really secret or cool anymore, are they?) and david and randal (who are on their way back soon, i hear).