i've been feeling really crummy lately. i've pretty much had the same headache for four days, and it's just not going away, no matter what i do. it makes doing anything difficult.

bay to breakers is this weekend, and i'm pretty sure i am going to die somewhere in the middle of it, but i might as well try. let's just say my running hasn't been up to snuff lately.

batali comes thursday, and we're all pretty excited. i have to try out the doughnuts once more this week, and these other little fritters filled with hazelnut and chocolate goop. also, we're making a breakfast timballo with eggs and potatoes and sausages. yum.

i made asparagus bread pudding yesterday, and it was pretty awesome. maybe i'll go eat some leftovers now before i have to head back to work.

oh, my aching head.