okay, i'm going to just spit it out.

i've been bored lately. i've been boring, too. i don't really do anything, and so i don't really have anything to write about here. no exciting law school news, no goings on in my personal life (what personal life?), just working and sleeping and being boring.

my friends are opening buseinesses, traveling to the mediterranean, moving to new york to go to columbia, and starting new jobs in courthouses. i just go to work and target, mostly.

and i spend my free time working for my friends.

now, as i sit here, i am trying to finally get all of my cds onto my hard drive so i can get them onto my ipod. woo-hoo!

i was hoping to get a job as a GSI for an english class in the fall, but i'm ineligible since i don't have a phd and am not working toward one.