i've just lost my blogging gusto lately.

where have i been, where have i been?

reading harry potter, working, going on a field trip to bob's, where we picked fruits and veggies and made a wonderful dinner out of them, trying to think of another cute baby present to make for a co-worker's shower this week, doing a focus group and getting $100 for it, filling out the rebate forms for my new ibook!!!!, housesitting in the berkeley hills, working, getting another package ready for my secret pal, reading a book about knitting socks that my sp sent me, going to thai temple, going to citizen cupcake, scheming other ways to find money to pay for my computer completely (i've got $1570 covered. i'm almost there!), and working.

when i move back home next week, i'll get back to the blog. and it'll be good. promise.