right now:

reading: magical thinking by augusten burroughs. i finished harry potter and this other book called from potter's field, strangely enough, last week (don't judge me on the murder mystery--i was stuck housesitting and had nothing to read. my choice was down to cheesy airport novels or shakespeare criticism. late at night, what would you choose?)

watching: the motorcycle diaries, an episode each of rockstar:inxs and laguna beach while i was housesitting, and kinsey

anticipating: the visit of MMC next weekend

cooking: penne alla norma, a huge batch of chili with heirloom cannellini and cranberry beans, ricotta gnocchi with chanterelles and summer savory, and caponata

eating: a lot of pizza. and persian burgers from bongo burger. i love bongo burger.

playing: with my new computer. the new ibooks (better loaded and much cheaper than the old ones) came out two weeks after i bought mine, so i went to the apple store and complained and they gave me a new one and money back. how awesome is that?