summer update

if anyone is still reading this, come see me at the berkeley farmer's market on saturday! i had a little powwow with a bunch of farmers at the market today, and i got terra firma, dirty girl, riverdog, and annabelle to give me stuff for my demo. yay!

and tomorrow, there'll be an article on tomatoes in the oakland tribune (and i think also the san jose mercury news and a marin newspaper) that i will be in; also upcoming stuff in sf mag and diablo mag. i'm everywhere with tomatoes and panzanella. inescapable.

and the polls for my favorite tomatoes are in:
1. dirty girl dry farmed early girls
1. bob's unnamed red tomatoes with thin skins
3. terra firma black prince
4. riverdog sweet 100s
5. riverdog cherokee purple
6. full belly sungolds
7. full belly marvel stripes
8. riverdog black prince
9. riverdog hawaiian pineapple

other spectacular summer produce:

AMAZING orange honeydew from terra firma
incredible eggplants from riverdog and bob
tiny little green beans from bob
beautiful coco blanc shellbeans from martin
radiant jimmy nardello's frying peppers from full belly, and corno di toro peppers from terra firma
roots-on super basil from dirty girl
shiny strawberries from dirty girl (best i've ever seen or tasted)
okra from tiptop

get thee to a farmer's market, people!