i've bought a great photo book, understanding exposure and only after i read and absorb it will i buy a(nother) camera (i already have six other cameras, each of which has its purpose. there is pretty much one with me at all times). the good news is that i've managed to save enough money to get whichever camera i decide on (it's between the rebel xti and the nikon d80) from all of the extra work i've been doing, so the hard part is taken care of. i can't wait to start taking lovely digiphotos. i just don't want to make any hasty purchases. besides, i doubt the d80 will become readily available much before christmastime at this rate.

i'm also newly obsessed with hdr. i have photoshop now, and i'd love to learn to use it. i am fascinated with loretta lux, and this girl nina (aka andaria on flickr). oh, i have so much to learn.