after much deliberation, the birthday theme has been settled. actually, it was really easy--once i started on the cuban idea, i knew that was what i really wanted to do, but my apartment is just so small, and there is never anywhere to sit, so i started thinking where else i could have the party.

then i realized that my friend nick's birthday is just two days apart from mine, and he lives in a great victorian with a huge backyard. so i called him up to see if he wanted to have a joint birthday party, and i told him about the axis of evil theme, and the cuban theme. he said he'd just been thinking of a russian themed party (he did his semester abroad in russia), and i said, perfect! we'll have a communist party.

so it's set--sunday, november 12th is the communist party. dress up as a chiquita banana, fidel, gorbechev, or stalin. come eat blinis and caviar, cuban sandwiches, borscht and tres leches cake. nick is infusing vodka, and i will make mojitos and cafe con leche. it's gonna be great.