so i had this fabulous day on sunday, when i went to candystore, doe, giant robot, and ichiban kan, in search of crafts and art by local artists. the entire day, i was moaning and groaning about how the bay area has no good local craft fairs or anything.

then, today, i saw the list on sfist, and of course the first one listed is so very literally down the street from my house. big game, shmig game. i'll be at mavenfair this weekend. (and the alameda flea market).

in case you are wondering, right now i am obsessed with:
lisa congdon
diana fayt
jill bliss
susie gharamani
and little birds.

i even got a sewing machine. don't even ask about how long it took me to thread it. yikes. tomorrow, maybe i'll actually stitch something. maybe.