well, today was mildly strange for many reasons. first, the faucet in our kitchen sink stopped working, and we now have to wash everything with the sprayer nozzle, which leads to many funny situations as you might imagine. i've been trying to track down my friendly landlord to let him know about the problem, but he moved and got a new phone number, and also apparently has switched jobs and has a new email address. his dad, who lives downstairs, is somewhat senile, and can't find his son't phone number. so i guess we're gonna have to work with the sprayer for a bit.

i went to the gym, and had to exercise next to a very stinky lady. then, on the way home, i walked through the farmer's market since i'd promised annabelle i'd come see her and pick out some stuff for the restaurant. when i got to her stall, it was aflutter with practically everyone who has ever worked at c.p. i saw a former chef and his girlfriend, a current chef, a current cook, a former server, kermit lynch and gail skoff, sandro, and charlie in a matter of seconds. i was pretty much panissed out in a matter of seconds. i guess it's pretty obvious who's the c.p. darling of the saturday market (and deservedly so, i say--those pumpkins alone are enough to set her apart).

i've been working on everything for the party tomorrow. there's the pinata filled with communist goods, mao zeduck. and the fabulous game "pin the birthmark on gorby's head." there are going to be cuban sandwiches, so i slow-roasted some pork shoulder for that. i have some really awesome skewers, so i think i am going to have cucumber and jicama with chili and lime, as well as a really excellent dip i concocted a few weeks ago with sour cream, cilantro, scallions, jalapeno and lime. i made a birthday cake for me and nick in case no one else comes through--the old midnight cake with some ancho chili, cinnamon, and clove. and i made two cans of dulce de leche, about a hundred chocolate wafers, and a bazillion meringues for party favors (those red envelopes that people give each other for chinese new year). i also suffered a meringue breakage--i was trying to make coconut meringues, but i added the coconut too soon and the meringue broke. there was nothing i could do to save it.

i have to go to sleep, but i am waiting for the last of the meringues to come out of the oven. so, let's forge on with meaningless drivel. i had dinner at delfina for the first time this week. it was pretty great. the puntarella was wonderful, as was the grilled rabbit, and the pork mostarda. yum! i totally understand why it's such a popular restaurant--there is something just right about their formula.

also, i heart pandora.