bah humbug

twelve reasons why this holiday season sucks:

1. oh so many problems with my new health insurance--they don't want to pay for anything. i swear, having health insurance is more stressful than not having it. at least when i didn't have it, i didn't come home to unexpected bills all of the time.

2. i found out that my uncle has a very advanced case of brain cancer. aside from the devestation that this has caused our family, i am also worried for myself. in my immediate family, there have now been four cases of cancer, and two of brain cancer. my sister's and my uncle's brain cancers, though not identical, were both caused by tumors that they were born with. this leads me to wonder if this is genetic, and if i am more likely to get cancer. i have become obsessed with green tea extract and brassicas.

3. as i was leaving elephant pharmacy the other day (i was there in search of a naturopath to speak with about natural cancer treatments), a blinged out dude in a 2006 mercedes suv hit the side of my car. there is a big ol' dent in it now. so fun. and he didn't admit fault (even though it was totally his fault and there was even a witness who agreed).

4. i got a ticket to go home for the weekend to see my uncle and family, and then my mom told me that he was going to be moved to la. so i switched my ticket to la, and then she asked me why i did that. she told me that my dad and my other grandparents wanted to see me, too, so i had to call again and change the ticket again, and get charged more. oh so fun.

5. i am dead tired from work. this december has been so busy, and so much of the work has fallen on my shoulders. i'm happy when the restaurant is busy, but not when i have to pick up after other people and fix their mistakes. i have enough work to do on my own.

6. yikes! the farms are closing down for the holidays. all of them. at the same time. where are we supposed to get anything to serve? this is really stressing me out. i fully believe that the farmers deserve a break, too. just not all at the same time. please.

7. the new printer we got at work is a piece of crap. and xerox won't take it back. i am in the middle of raising hell with xerox, and i'm pretty sure we'll get a new one. i just wish there were someone else to take care of these problems. all i ever wanted to do was cook, and now i spend my mornings making threatening phone calls to xerox. fabulous.

8. my computer started making a strange buzzing sound.

9. ugh. i don't even think i can make it to twelve.