i have had a major breakthrough in my ice cream making. i thought long and hard about what could give our ice creams a better texture, and i tried a bazillion things. in december, when we did a fundraiser dinner at the ritz-carlton, the pastry people there were pretty unimpressed with our saffron ice cream, which was just melting all over the place. they suggested all sorts of strange chemicals and inverted sugars and doodads, and though it kind of made me happy to know that there was some way to fix these problems, i knew that i could never use chemicals to get where i wanted to go. but i'd noticed that certain of our ice creams always had really good texture, and wondered if i could fake their common element in all of the rest of our ice creams. so i tried it. and it worked. amazingly.

now, our ice cream is completely soft and scoopable, and melt-in-your-mouthable, and creamy, and it makes me so happy. ever since i was a kid, i've wanted to have an ice cream shop. the dream still lingers on, so it's good to know i have a secret weapon that's natural.