i saw andrea at the farmer's market today, and we made a pledge to start posting something every day, even if it's just a photo or a little something.

sometimes, i'll write this big, long thing and then not post it for one reason or another, mostly out of fear.

i'm going to try to get over that.

this is a photo of one of my favorite parts of my house. it's a little shelf over the kitchen sink where i've set many of the things that i love, but don't get to use very often. there's my beehouse tea set, my collection of moroccan tea glasses, some orange flower water that a friend brought from brooklyn, and the vanilla extract the same friend made for christmas two years ago. it should be ready soon....

until recently, the beautiful 200-year old copper pot a friend in italy gave me was also on that shelf, but the earthquake last month shook the pot off the shelf and with it, a few of my special glasses, which were sadly shattered. so i decided to put the pot somewhere else for now. somewhere much closer to the ground.