in the battle between industriousness and procrastination, one of my sides has finally prevailed....

i can't believe how much i got done today. i'm really happy with myself! i wrote about eight letters in italian (!), three in english, took major notes, and did a ton of internet research on a big project that's been hanging over my head for months. it feels so good to have knocked out so much in just one day.

the good thing about procrastination is that i stew so much about stuff that i work through most of the difficult thought processes before i ever actually have to do any work. by the time i sit down to the computer, i've sorted through most of my thoughts and can just type. it's quite freeing, actually.

i'm also really happy because i was planning on recycling a bunch of work for this project, but i kind of made a mental breakthrough that is going to make this project even better than the last one. yay!