(juj's scarves)

every single day i have to remind myself to remain grounded, not to just throw away my computer and get a new one because there are better ones out there, not to feel bad because other people around me are having successes small and large, not to give up completely on everything just because it's been hard lately.

it's difficult, and i guess you'd think i'd learn after enough days of this. but i never do.

am i the only one?


simple pleasures of the past few days:

seeing all of the tomatoes (endless tomatoes) at green string farm

spending time with sweet philip two days in a row

an unexpected chicken sandwich at bakesale betty

our nice porch dinner of sweet corn on the cob, coleslaw, steak and dirty girl tomatoes, melon and gelato (gosh, that sounds like a lot, but it really wasn't overwhelmingly disgusting)

having juj around

breakfast at tartine: