resolution updates

i just thought about what i resolved to do at the beginning of the year. it's time to check in and see where i am:

to take at least three photos a week that i am really happy with.--uh, not so much. i go through fits and spasms. plus, it didn't help that i broke my portrait lens and was a little depressed for a while after that. i replaced it a couple of weeks ago, and i'm back to taking some more photos. i also am a little obsessed with my cheapo elph's video function....

to leave california at least once.--check! i went to hawaii in may. and this week, i'm leaving again. yes!

to become familiar with the sewing machine and make something from the fabulous denyse schmidt book amber gave me we have more pressing projects to work on, but i'm still hoping we can make it up to crockett to have lex's mom give us a tutorial before winter sets in. (what do you think?)

to be more careful about what i eat. i need to eat more vegetables. --i have been soooooo much better about this. conscious produce thoughts float through my head every time i'm hungry.

to write at least two things i am proud of.--one down, one to go. and i hope to be done with the second by the first of october....

to fix the toilet paper holder.--i'm happy to say: done and done.

so i guess my record's not so bad. i've just got to pick up the camera a bit more. and the sewing machine.