been doing:
--eating ici ice cream: peanut butter fudge thursday, chocolate malt friday, and meyer lemon sunday. so good!

--being bored out of my mind while i wait for everything with my hand to happen.

--party at the farm. crazy david tanis rocks! so goofy, so nuts, so amazing. his book is done. i think it will be out sometime next year.

--leafing through this lovely book. i bought it for my boss the minute i saw it--knew he had to have it.

--made pumpkin bread out of fannie farmer. nothing but love for fannie farmer and marion. made some chili to satisfy the craving i had about a month ago. i accidentally made it super-spicy, and the only thing i had around to add to it to dilute the spiciness was a can of chickpeas. made some cornbread to go with the chili.

--done the unthinkable and braved the evil forces of berkeley bowl twice in one week. i fricking hate berkeley bowl. but i did make it out of there alive. barely. (m. pollan told our class this story that just sums up the typical berkeley bowl shopper in one sentence: he was about to grab a box of fruity pebbles or something for his then 10-year old son when some lady grabbed his arm and reprimanded him, saying he couldn't buy that because of who he was and what he had written. ahem! say what?! only in berkeley bowl do fellow shoppers feel like they can touch you and tell you what you are and aren't allowed to buy.)

gonna do:
--probably having surgery on my hand tomorrow to remove the wound and start over. at least i can say i have a plastic surgeon now, right?

--if they don't put me to sleep for the surgery, i want to go to the sneak peek of king corn tomorrow night.

--have to decide if i'm gonna have a birthday party or not. i might ask if i can have it at the farm, but i know they are busy, so the answer might be no. if they say yes, you're all invited! we can make a big pot of chili and hand-crank some ice cream, and have a bonfire. sound good?