green strings farm

i'm so happy to be able to say that green strings farm is open daily for business. this is a farm that run by bob cannard, of cannard farm, a.k.a. "the chez panisse farm."

there are a lot of little kinks being worked out at green strings, but the stand is open with plenty of produce available every day. everything, except for a few specialty items like raspberries and eggs, is $2 a pound. bob is really committed to making good, healthy produce available to everyone. no bfm or ferry plaza prices there.

there are also some pygmy goats and flavia the sow to hang out with.

i think it goes without saying that it's all grown beyond organically. just ask if you need to hear bob's DR. AL (or, the acronym i prefer--LARD) speech.

anyway, it's about a 45 minute drive from berkeley to green strings, and just a hop, skip and a jump from there to della fattoria for lunch. do i smell a road trip?


i recently got a lens hood and filter for my camera (both for less than $30!), and am so pleased with the photos i've taken since. a lot less noisy.