my problem (or should i say one of them) is this:

i do not want to be (or come off as) a douchebag*.

but at the same time, i want to be able to tell everyone (both in my life, and in this journal) about all of the awesome stuff i get to do, see, eat, partake in. about all of the incredible people i meet and am surrounded by.

i just can't figure out a way to do it where i don't sound like i am bragging, or worse, name-dropping.

i guess that's a part of growing up, humility. one of my favorite things about some of the people i respect most is how humble they are.

it's just hard to balance wanting to make a name for myself (in what field, i'm not really sure) with not wanting to make a jackass out of myself. i just have to remind myself each day that talking about who i know is not the same as talking about who i am.

*mmw's favorite word.