the next samin quiz

it's not easy to take elevator photos.

this one will be fill in the blank, because i want to see all of the crazy answers you guys come up with. definite points for creativity--i mean, if you don't know the right answer, the wrong one should be extra-fabulous, right?

1. when samin was in high school, ________________ is what she wanted to do when she grew up.

2. samin bought a ________________ last year with hopes of learning how to use it and becoming a veritable impresario. unfortunately, she's had very little time, and it's still sitting in the corner, untouched.

3. samin could wax poetic for hours on end about _____________. or alternately, samin has bored me to death on more than one occasion by not shutting up about ______________. (specific answers here. e.g. you can't just say, "food.")

4. samin has a major inferiority complex about ______________.

5. samin doesn't have cable tv because ________________.

6. name something samin LOVELOVELOVES to eat.

7. name something samin HATEHATEHATES to eat.

that's all i can think of for now. good luck, peeps.