snippets of emails i've been meaning to write

i think you'll be able to figure out which was meant for you:

i'm rooting for you. i have always been rooting for you and i always will. no matter what choice you make, in this, or in anything, i will love you.

what the eff are you doing working in a meatless cooperative? are you on crack? wait...don't answer that.

i just heard about this place--doesn't it sound awesome?

how's the new job? and what are you doing exactly? are you planning to come visit anytime soon?

how are rehearsals going? did you start the performances yet? are you used to florida? does anyone ever get used to florida? and what about the geckos?

i snuck a taste of the honey (don't get mad). it is so fricking good. and i love the chunky bits of honeycomb floating around.

i know you are going to think this is ridiculous (i already do), but i kind of can't stop thinking about buying this bag. don't worry, i'm not going to. i just can't stop thinking about it, though. ugh. i'm disgusted enough for the two of us.

since at this rate we are never going to meet, i'm going to give you a list of places i like and times that work for me, and you can choose one from each column. here goes: bakesale betty, ici, gioia, arinell's, michelle's yogurty yogurt, scary large whole foods, cam huong, saturday market. 10/13 morning, 10/14 afternoon, 10/21 anytime, some weekday late afternoon/early evening (not weds. or fri.) this week or next week. i think those times are good. i'm confused. as usual.

thank you. thank you. thank you.

how did the race go? are you alive? are you still paddling in your sleep?