(this photo by lingster72 on flickr)

if you are an elle magazine reader, or just happen to be in a bookstore over the next few weeks, check out page 303 of the november issue (the one with scarlett johannson on the cover). there's a really lamely written article (i mean, is there anything new left to say about cp?) about an indian summer lunch at cannard farm, with some lovely photos. i helped cook a lot of the food that day, and put my foot down about the redcurrants. when i saw them that morning, i knew we had to sugar them even though we were pressed for time. they were incredibly perfect, and completely worth the effort.

sugared redcurrants
a few bunches of redcurrants
2 egg whites
granulated sugar

make sure the redcurrants are clean and free of debris. trim the redcurrants into 2-inch sized bunches.

lightly whisk the egg whites to break them up.

using a pastry brush, lightly coat the berries with egg whites. be very thorough to prevent gaps, and work quickly so the egg doesn't dry up.

dip the brushed currants in sugar and shake off the excess.

these make a lovely mignardise.