answers to the next samin quiz

1. when samin was in high school, ________________ is what she wanted to do when she grew up.

own an ice cream shop. have you ever met me?

2. samin bought a ________________ last year with hopes of learning how to use it and becoming a veritable impresario. unfortunately, she's had very little time, and it's still sitting in the corner, untouched.

sewing machine

3. samin could wax poetic for hours on end about _____________. or alternately, samin has bored me to death on more than one occasion by not shutting up about ______________. (specific answers here. e.g. you can't just say, "food.")

so many answers to this one. i'm surprised i didn't get more from you guys.

4. samin has a major inferiority complex about ______________.

lots of stuff: material things, my writing, not being a good enough friend, how smart i am. really, the list is endless. however, it does NOT include macerating onions--that's something i definitely do not have a complex about. i'm a bit perplexed by the person who decided to answer only that question, and with that answer.

5. samin doesn't have cable tv because ________________.

if she had it, she would never leave home or accomplish anything. she would never be able to turn off the tv.

6. name something samin LOVELOVELOVES to eat.

again, so many answers.

7. name something samin HATEHATEHATES to eat.

certain shellfish are not really my favorites. i hate lavender in food (tastes like soap). durian. that disgusting bacon-chocolate bar from vosges. not really into major entrails beyond, say, liver or kidneys and occasionally tripe. chestnut honey.