(jen's hands)

some days are just perfect.

today was one of them (except for my tah-chin, which wasn't nearly as good as my mother's).

there were a lot of great moments, and perhaps i'll be able to revisit some of them tomorrow, but here's one to tide us over for now:

i don't think my friend's awesome mom, barbara, knew exactly whose farm she was coming to, and i was shocked/impressed by her willingness to just jump in and offer to fry up a box of artichokes bob had picked for us today, since she's not a professional cook. she was a little worried when i kind of forced her to put rose in her batter when i couldn't find any white wine, but i told her to go with it.

she cleaned, turned and choked those little suckers, battered and fried them, and gave one to charlene to taste. charlene told her they were really delicious, and walked away to do something else. i told barbara, you know that's a really huge compliment coming from charlene, and she asked why. i said, well, she's probably one of the top five cooks who ever walked through the doors of cp. barbara gave me a look, and said, she worked at cp? i said yeah, she's one of the best. she responded, well, i'm glad i didn't know that before i volunteered to cook this.