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i'm annoyed. and stressed out. i was worried that my wound might be infected yesterday--the doctor said to wait a day or two and see what happens. i woke up this morning to a pus factory. really wonderful.

i went back to the doctor, and he took a swab. we'll see what happens. i think i just really have to stay out of the kitchen. ugh. it's a lot harder than it sounds.

i'm stressed because i haven't been spending enough time working on the gift project, and i need to be done with it this weekend. i want it to be really cool, but so far, it's basically a dud.

tomorrow is the "interesting" dinner. i'd been dreading it, but now i am just curious about how it's going to go. the good thing is that we're going to cp, so at the very least i'll get to see a bunch of my friends. and i'm pretty sure that there will be chocolate sprinkles involved at some point.