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i've been talking a lot about cheese, as you know, and was telling the cooks about jean d'alos and affineurs last week. clee got excited and joined in, and we had a nice talk about comte.

last night, i went in for dinner with my friends and their mama, visiting from out of town. at the end of the meal (which was really very good--i found nothing to complain about, which is rare), the server told me that the cooks had a gift for me.

i was skeptical.

we went in the kitchen, and they pulled out a cheeseboard with a little clay pot on it. inside, ever so gently dressed in cheesecloth, was a baby cowsmilk cheese, waiting for my affinage. they made me a cheese. i can't believe it.

now, i get to decide what i want to treat it with.


also about cheese: this article in today's nyt, which could almost belong in the nyer (especially the part about the four year old).