i've been thinking about my resolutions for next year, and i already have several in mind. i did pretty well, overall, with my 2007 resolutions. this was the first year that i've actually done anything like that, and i'm proud of myself. i think i chose wisely, which is what i hope to do again this time:

make a "boo blogs" folder and stay away from sites that make me feel upset, inferior, or insecure. this includes too much of facebook, and food blogs.

apart from the sugar in my tea each morning, eat no more than one sweet thing per day.

look into switching from synthetic thyroid medicine to chinese herbs or another natural treatment.

read understanding exposure from cover to cover, and take notes!

publish at least one article or essay.

get out of the country!

keep a special food journal, like my friend's mother, who has documented special meals as far back as the 70s.